Useful Information


I’m available daytimes and evenings much of the year – if you book far enough in advance – and am usually happy to travel to any part of the country.   I don’t drive so would need picking up from the nearest rail station or other public transport link.


All my talks are very well illustrated & if necessary I bring my own digital projector and laptop.  I need a screen or blank wall & access to a double socket and that might mean you’ll need to supply an extension lead as well.


I do this because I enjoy it.  For 2020 bookings I’m charging £100 + expenses [which are usually cheap because I have a freedom pass and senior rail card] but I have been known to charge less [or even nothing] for very small groups or good causes.


Because I spend a lot of time travelling the easiest way to contact me is by email. I can then get back to you with a number if necessary.